Rethinking Concerts. Rethinking Church.

Great pondering!

Intersections by Terri Elton


I, like some of you perhaps, came home from work and turned on the evening news. At the end of the broadcast was an interesting story. “A classical music house call

There’s a modern twist on a centuries old art form: classical music.

After a busy day at work, Eileen Trilli and her family tidied up their Brooklyn, New York home before guests — friends and strangers — arrived for a private show. It’s called Groupmuse, and they offer a chance for music lovers to experience classical chamber music in an intimate setting. Creator Sam Bodkin says it’s the way composers intended their music to be heard.

‘You show up, you socialize for an hour, you sit down on the floor, and you listen intently for 25 minutes to three movements of a tremendous masterwork,’ said Bodkin. ‘It’s not quite a concert and it’s not quite a party.’

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