As I wrap up a few days of amazing coursework at the seminary I am so grateful for such a rich community of friends.  We all come from different places in the country, different faith communities and different faith traditions and the depth these different perspectives bring to all we are doing are amazing!

When I think of the world we live in today and the ease at which technology has given us to connect with people that all share similar interests, I think what a wonderful world!

But, there is also extreme sadness when I think of the times I am at the ballpark watching my children and I see families sitting next to each other more engaged in their technology and the world’s and lives they have created there than each other or getting to know their neighbor sitting next to them.  Sure we all take pictures, post them to Facebook and share with friends and family moments of our lives, but I wonder what has been lost. Have we become so focused on ourselves and the worlds WE CAN CREATE that we have lost touch with the world in our backyard?  What does it mean any more to live in a community?  Have we lost the ability to see the beauty of differences, the beauty of God’s creation?  We are all created in God’s image and all beautifully and wonderfully made unique, designed to enrich each other’s lives and use our unique interests, skills, and passions together in community.

What I wonder is …Are we too busy to take the time? Are we fearful of anyone or anything different than ourselves?  Are we only wanting to hear the voices of those with similar views that affirm our own? Is that why we create our own worlds? Are we so accustomed to personalizing our worlds that we have put ourselves, others and God in a box?  Words for thought..

Just my ramblings this evening…by no means a new thought for me and probably not you….

Be intentional and attentive about both the worlds you are creating and already part of.

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